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Thanks to everyone who participated, helped and stopped by to check it out! We can’t wait for next year’s Open Studios and Beta Spaces!



All The Info!

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Contact: Ann Meisinger,

49 Bogart Street Buzzer #17
Brooklyn NY 11206

Preview Party, November 13, 7-10pm
Open During Beta Spaces November 14 12-7pm
Other viewings available by appointment, 646-306-7003

Mythologized: Verb: Convert into myth or mythology
Film, Video, Sculpture, Installation, Performance, Printing and Painting Exhibition

We are proud to present the third exhibition at 49 Bogart Street, “Mythologized.”
Mythologized implies a part of our history that has been altered conceptually to mean something more than the original; mythologized. The works by the nine artists in our show evoke memory and reality while acknowledging the myths and conflicts of our cultural landscape. The thesis of our curation is the discursive nature of artists investigation of the ideal, honoring our perceptions and allowing for our illusions, while addressing the ways in which the romance of nostalgia can lure us from the lives we are living.
This show focuses on the expression of several key mythologized elements in our culture: families, nations, heros, and traditions. Starting with Coral Silverman’s detailed studies of the symbols of medieval art mashed with paintings of littered mille fleur gardens the show moves to the work of Julie Tremblay and Marina Reiter to create a dissolution of symbols through sculptural installation and painting. Inbred Hybrid Collective’s video installation, Gene Ius and Lau Gallico’s paintings display images of archetypal characters and the roles played by the characters of society. Jeremiah Jones and Ann Meisinger delve into the myth of the family through artifacts that represent the connections and the myths surrounding our origins. Finally, Kevin Curran’s sculpture performance mythologizes the artist while creating a hero.
About 49 Bogart Street:
Located on the Morgan L near Roberta’s our live-in studio has been transformed into a temporary gallery for previous Arts in Bushwick Shows over the last year and we are expanding our exhibition space to include the long white walled hallway.
About Beta Spaces:
BETA Spaces (Bushwick Exhibition Triangle of Alternative Spaces) is a free one-day festival conceptualized and thematic group exhibitions on Sunday November 14th, from 12-7pm. The festival focuses on curatorial experimentation and collaboration. There will be over 50 shows, including the work of over 250 individual artists, in spaces ranging from galleries to studios to apartments to mobile trucks to Smartphone apps!


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my· thol· o· gized
Verb: Convert into myth or mythology

A Group Show

Ann Meisinger

Coral Silverman

Gene Ius

Inbred Hybrid Collective

Jeremiah Jones

Julie Tremblay

Kevin Curran

Lau Gallico



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Kevin Curran

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Kevin will be performing his role as archetypal artist/curator in the space during Mythologized.  Installed in a vitrine with the tools of his trade: beer, music, food and architectural sculpture supplies Kevin will sculpt a life-size action-figure.


Formless In Context Beta Spaces 2009

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Formless in Context: A Study of Chaos and Discourse.

New works conceptually connected by the acceptance of social chaos.

For BETA Spaces 2009 The New Experimental Cinema Club is showing artists who work with classically didactic medium (including but not limited to video, books, and text)

Our show is a collection of art which explores the inner and outer chaos of civilization and the experience of modern living.

We attempt work that explores formlessness while rooting itself firmly in a personal/political experiment in expression.

Anthony Simon

Heather Dewey-Hagborg

Hyla Skopitz

Jennifer Jacobs

Jeremiah Jones

Kevin Medal

Molly Cécile Surazhsky

Nadia Buyse

Steve Cossman